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Diversity of Medicinal Plants from Dong Nai Province (Tạp chí dược liệu, tập 27, tập 27, số 6/2022)

Journal of Medicinal Materials, 2022, Vol. 27, No. 6 (pp. 368 - 372)



Pham Thanh Huyen1,*, Lai Viet Hung1,  Phan Van Truong1, Nguyen Van Hieu1, Dang Minh Tu1, Nham Minh Phuc1, Nguyen Quynh Nga1, Nguyen Hoang1 , Nguyen Minh Khoi1, Le Van Minh 1, Nguyen Thu Hang1,  Nguyen Duy Van2, Nguyen Hoang Hao3, Vo Quang Trung3

1National Institute of Medicinal Material, Hanoi, Vietnam; 2Dong Nai Department of Health, Vietnam;

3Dong Nai Culture and Nature Reserve, Vietnam

*Corresponding author: huyenptnimm@gmail.com

(Received July 14th, 2022)


Diversity of Medicinal Plants from Dong Nai Province

A survey of the medicinal plant resources in Dong Nai province has been carried out from April 2019 to December 2021. A total of 1,086 species belonging to 591 genera, 163 families of seven phyla of vascular plants (Podypodiophyta; Pinophyta; Cycadophyta; Gnetophyta; Pteridophyta; Magnoliophyta) and Fungi were recorded. Among them, 18 species conservation were listed in the Vietnam Red Data Book, Decision No 84/2021/NĐ-CP and Red List of Medicinal Plants of Vietnam, 2019. Life forms are identified as: herbaceous plant  (38.30%);  shrub and subshrub (18.97%); vine (Lianas and nonwoody vines) (13.08%); Tree: (26.33%); palm-like plant: (0.65%), Epiphyte - parasitic (2.67%). The study highlighted the richness and importance of medicinal plant species in Dong Nai province.

Keywords: Dong Nai, Medicinal plants, Diversity.

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